Our transportation services cover two main points; intermodal freight transport and expedited freight transport. In this way, you can have the flexibility to adjust your needs according to your desired transport quality, security and speed.

Expedited Freight Transport

KGL Shipping and Logistics Solution has years of experience and global partners that can fulfill any time-sensitive delivery, particularly those emergency consignments.

Through our expedited freight transport service, you can be ahead of your schedule without sacrificing the quality of your items. They will remain in their premium condition by using our large fleet of vehicles on-land, air or ocean coupled with our real-time tracking report.

Under our expedited freight transport service, you can pick among three options; air freight, by land or same-day transport services. These options are especially helpful in delivering shipments across inland borders within 1 to 2 days.

Intermodal Transport Service

This service allows you to transport your consignments through an intermodal vehicle via different means of transportation such as truck, train or cargo ship. Your consignments won’t be handled manually by anyone or anything but it will be stored in a container throughout its transportation, from the port of origin to its target destination.

Our company has over 20 global partners and we’re using the latest technology that can help us provide the best ship container and vehicles for your consignments. Although this service is relatively cheaper than the expedited transport service, we will assure that your goods will maintain its good condition all throughout, plus a tracking service to help you monitor the status of your consignments.