Air Freight


Clients who choose air freight over other modes of transportation definitely need the consignment to be delivered within a short period of time. And due to time sensitivity and pressure involved in this freight service, our company has developed better and comprehensive air freight plans customized after your unique requirements.

With that, our IATA licensed logistics professionals have established good partnerships with world-leading airlines like Fly Emirates, Continental Airlines, Etihad, and among many others. This is done to achieve higher guarantee of faster delivery of all shipments under our care.

How We Handle Air Freight Shipment

We have in-house and international branches and partners that take ownership of cargo assigned to them, whether it is TL or LTT. One of their primary roles is to follow up shipping processes to make sure that your goods are in good condition and will arrive to the target destination in record time.

All export and import cargos are subject to our tracking system, and to an extent warehousing and inventory, to provide you with the latest status reports.

It is through this status report that we can assure you of reliable and secured air freight service that we promised to deliver. Thus, if there is any problem that may arise along the way, our team can easily address the issue and come up with a plausible solution to avoid costly delays.